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5 signs you're in need of a reset

Ok you've been feeling this for a while now, hoping it'll pass however it just doesn't seem to. Below are 5 common signs you're in need of a reset and needing some extra support to feel yourself again:

1. Fatigue 

Toxins accumulate daily in our body from very common things like food, drinks, cosmetics, clothing, environment, cleaning products and so on. Pretty hard to avoid all of those daily essentials right? Some toxins are excreted and some recirculate. As a result, our organs responsible for detoxification (e.g. liver, kidney) become a bit sluggish and before you know it, low energy occurs. Supporting your detoxification pathways improves overall energy and vitality.  

2. Bloated, fluctuating bowel movements, reflux or gas?

While it might feel normal to you, bloating, reflux, gas and irregular bowel motions isn't a sign of a digestive system functioning optimally. If you experience any of these symptoms, its a strong indication you're in need of a gut reset. This is one of the reasons we created our Detox & Replenish Bundle. It'll help to alleviate bloating, support regular bowel motions, soothe the digestive system, aid elimination of toxins and feed those beneficial gut bacterias. 

3. Waking around 3am?

Each time of the day, our organs are cleansing and rejuvenating. Guess what time one of our key detoxification organs is working its magic to be functioning as optimally as possible for you? Yep, its between 1 - 3am so if you're waking around this time, gentle detox support will help you to have a more restful sleep throughout the night and reduce the chances of you waking up unrefreshed.

4. Skin concerns?

Our skin is a pathway of elimination and is often a representation of an internal picture. Therefore, its essential you're staying regularly hydrated, reducing toxic exposure where you can and always, always supporting your elimination pathways before they become so overburdened that they contribute to experience skin concerns (e.g. acne, breakout, rashes, dermatitis). 

5. This is for the ladies - painful periods?!

There are a few ways in which painful periods and toxins are related. Firstly, endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are found in plastics, cosmetics, water and clothing disrupt hormones which can contribute to a more painful cycle. As a general rule, toxins increase inflammation and can cause oxidative stress on the body. Lastly, if your bodies natural detoxification pathways (as we touched on before - kidneys & liver) are overwhelmed then it can lead to toxin build up and worsened menstrual symptoms.

Don't worry, we see this a lot which is why we're experts at helping you to feel yourself again. 

Any questions? Simply comment below. 

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