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The energetics behind Begin Again.

The energetics behind Begin Again.

Why do the energetic elements of a brand matter?

When creating a new brand and identity, the intention and purpose of such a project needs to align not only with personal values of the founders, but also a deeper intention to bring about shifts and changes for customers and the community. Founders Adelaide and Brooke wanted to highlight and showcase an important aspect of their brand and emulate the feeling they get from taking their products into words to share with you. 

How colours relate to energy.

We often find ourselves being drawn to certain colours at different points in time, be it through what we are wearing, eating or surrounding ourselves with.
Just like the music we listen to or the food that we consume, colours have a vibrational charge to them, gifting us the ability to utilise them to shift both our inner and outer realities.
For Begin Again, a set of specific colours were chosen to collaboratively emit the unique essence that is the Begin Again offering. Each of these colours has been exclusively tuned into to uncover the implicit vibration ~ specific to Begin Again ~ that it holds and how it influences the energy field of those engaging with the product.
While the 7 core energy centres within the physical vessel have a specific key colour aligned to their frequency, choosing to align with any colour along the infinite spectrum - even when chosen in a branding capacity - can aid us in pre-emptively influencing and balancing the energy and frequency of a product and how it works.

Begin Again colours and their energetic properties.

Cream and Green.
Both colours are connected to Th Gallbladder. The Gallbladder is one of our vessel’s key elimination organs. The energy of the gallbladder embodies courage and can influence the manifestation of turning decisions into purpose filled action, our integrity, optimism and the ability to overcome obstacles.
Pink and Blue.
Both colours are connected to The Stomach. The Stomach represents our ability to feel grounded, connected to the Earth and receive nurturance and nourishment. It is a key organ in ensuring all core processes of the physical vessel work in harmony with one another.
Orange and Yellow.
Both colours are connected to The Urinary Bladder. The Urinary Bladder represents the life force of water, the foundational base to life. The UB embodies motivation and the opportunity to be malleable and transform. Water is likened to the flow of creativity, which can come in waves, or ‘dry up’ where we aren’t nourishing ourselves.
Detox powder in it's container placed next to some pomegranate and white flowers.

Detox and it's energetic potential.

Earthy red tones of the ingredients such as beetroot, berries, pomegranate, schisandra ground us through our root chakra – encouraging safety and stability within our physical vessel.
  • Detox Orange empowers one in making clear decisions that are felt through a somatic response within the physical vessel that says YES, I need this – also what we refer to as gut feelings.
  • As we practice this refinement of what feels good to us, and what does not, we come back to place of remembrance around our true nature, one that is not influenced by external chatter.
  • In more general terms, orange is reconciled with our Sacral chakra sitting just below our navel. The sacral chakra governs our relationships to others, money and control as well as our sexual power and creativity.
  • When this energy centre is out of balance we can feel as though we need to exercise constant control over all the above areas, and addictions can often manifest.
  • Where our elimination pathways are not clearing from our body what they should – the energy – emotions, feelings, experiences - that these toxins are charged with, sit within the body and stagnate. 
  • Detox Pink holds the energy of love, sensitivity and loyalty. It is important to practice loving intention toward yourself and remain loyal to your own needs when taking on the detox process.
  • It is imperative to hold the intent to gently release any physical, emotional or spiritual blocks with ease and grace, that may be impeding on your physical vessels ability to function optimally.
Replenish box filled with aloe vera, licorice root, gotu kola and a blue glass

Replenish and it's energetic potential.

The ingredients all work with the heart in some capacity; Cacao is an incredibly sacred heart opening plant medicine that nourishes us energetically, while the green of the aloe vera syncs us in with the frequency of the heart chakra. The Heart chakra also governs the circulatory system from an energetic perspective. Marshmallow Root works on a physical and energetic level with the Urinary Bladder.
  • Replenish Blue has the energy of infancy, where fresh development takes place – requiring nourishment, not just from a nutrient perspective, but from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual standpoint. The notion of Beginning Again, especially following a Detox or Cleanse
  • It is at the beginning of our life that we are most connected to our needs in the purest of forms, without outside unconscious programming or conditioning having taken hold and it is in the Replenish phase that we are most connected to what does, and does not, feel good in nourishing ourselves.
  • Replenish Blue ensures that in this phase of the cycle we can set suitable boundaries with ourselves that are in alignment with what our vessel needs to function optimally - and ensuring we stick to it; empowering ourselves to make choices that integrate healing and vitality into our daily life.
  • Replenish Blue is also associated with our Throat Chakra, governing the area around our neck, jaw, teeth and mouth. This chakra influences our personal will, our voice, creativity and all lessons from a symbolic standpoint are around the power of choice and consequence - the ability to “keep our word” be it to others, or yourself. In the Replenish phase, it is important to keep your word to yourself, and speak out loud the intent held in restoring your system to prime function.
  • The colour Green is known for it’s association with the Heart chakra. When balanced, we move from love and embody forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration and see the world around us through the lenses of hope and trust. We understand that we can heal ourselves, starting from within – both emblematically and physically.
  • Replenish Yellow works with the Urinary Bladder. The frequency of this colour reinvigorates the full body system, integrating the energetic body with the physical body to create spirited health – allowing all systems to sync into total symbiosis and serve one another with ease.
  • Through this upgrade, the awareness one has about the self will also be transformed – as the lessons are integrated from the Begin Again processes, one can move about the day nourished and grounded into the physical reality with purposeful intent. When you feel good about yourself, the power sits within you and not outside of you. This recalibration within creates a vibrantly emitted frequency that can be felt by others.
When taking our products, we hope you can utilise this knowledge and incorporate the energetic powers into your everyday thought processes and how you feel. 
This article was written in conjunction with Kelsey Roberts from Nadi Space.
Kelsey Roberts | Energy worker and Reiki Master
Kelsey from Nadi Space acts as a conduit for higher guidance and life force energy. Holding a safe space for her clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, she facilitates unlocking and shifting stagnancy held in the energetic body - which when left unacknowledged, can manifest in our day to day lives as distress in the physical vessel, emotional blocks, behavioural patterns and general feelings of disharmony. With a professional background in Communications, specialising in Writing and Digital Advertising, Kelsey has an innate gift in bridging her Energy work with such crafts, creating an embodied and energetically infused offering for businesses to engage with.
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