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Begin Again & Astrology

Begin Again & Astrology

Our products stem from a love of holistic health, with thought of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual worlds needing to work synergistically with one another. The intention is not to address a phase in your life but curate a balanced lifestyle.
So, who better to speak with than Astrology Expert, Georgie Upton who talks all things constellations and what this means for you with the new moon ahead. 
"Hello there,

I wish to invite into the world of Astrology. An ancient practice that is a resource which sits in your back pocket wherever you go. A way of seeking guidance, understanding and changes that withstand time.

Each month we can work with cycle of the moon. A framework that allows us to set specific intension for the growth, expansion and outcomes we wish to see.

So let’s find out how.

We are given a fresh beginning entering a new moon phase. A moment where our light is dimmed in order to go within ourselves to rest, replenish and reflect. It is when we are ushered into a pause to hear clearly what seeds we wish to grow into fruition this lunar cycle. A new moon occurs in one of the twelve zodiac signs to give us the flavour and create a theme for our manifestations.

Take time to find stillness to see what you want to bring into your life. Whilst it sounds very cliché, physically writing these in a journal does more wonders than what meets the eye. Seriously. Science has actually proven this.

As we work our way into a full moon you will feel a sense of energy grow. The perfect opportunity to call to action on the intentions you wrote down during the new moon phase.

A full moon illuminates and magnifies our own inner world. The emotional landscape we each have. A moment to observe and hear a message. Your external environment whether that be a conversation with someone, an event that might occur or an exaggerated emotional response will give you a clue.

Do you need to pivot and change course in order to claim what you wish to receive or is this supporting encouragement to continue and keep going as you are on the right path?

This new moon is flavoured in the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

A time to welcome light-hearted exploration, observation and intriguing conversations. To lift any stagnation and heaviness with lightness and cheek. This new moon has come in to remind us that life is constantly changing and moving.

That we should never become too rooted, fixed and stuck in the bias nature of our mind. Too often our mind gets in the way by holding us down with limiting beliefs, assumptions and judgements – to ourselves, others and how we see the world around us.

A Gemini new moon is here to gift us permission of living in duality. That we are each made up of contrasting and polarising parts. Even though these aspects of ourselves can be conflicting, Gemini shows us that we must express and experience all sides of ourself and of life.

To keep with the theme of lightness, utilise your intuition to thread together the information below.
Build your own intentions for this month to see the outcome and changes you wish to bring to life. Don’t forget the power of pen to paper when it comes to making some real.

Gemini. ‘I know’ ‘to see’
Mode: Mutable
Movement: Adaptable, Quick, Changeable, Versatile,
Element: Air
Symbol: The Twins
Ruling: Intellect
Negative environment: Boredom, routines, tedium, lack of socialisation

Words: See the unknown, perceptions, thoughts, communication, the mind, nervous system, duality, constant motion, observation, light-hearted, childlike curiosity, open-minded, ideas, voice, duality, quick, adaptable. To touch wisdom, experience all shades of life.


Who am I to deny the world of my magic?

Don’t leave this world with your music left inside. Play your tune.


I open my eyes to bring in fresh energy and new information.

I can only expand as much my belief system will allow me to.

I release judgement, assumptions and any beliefs that are blocking my motion forward.

I trust my intuition to decipher fact from fiction (especially from others).

I get out of my head and into my heart.

Every aspect of myself is worth expressing and experience.

I surrender to breath.

I have the ability to choose one thought over another.
With Love,

To speak with Georgie, feel free to reach out via email at 
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